xMAP technology for multiplex analysis

Utilizing xMAP technology for multiplex analysis of your biomarkers within a single sample. With our Luminex 200 system Arcadia offers Multi-Analyte Profiling (xMAP) technology allowing simultaneous analysis of up to 100 bioassays from a small sample volume, by reading biological tests on the surface of microscopic para-magnetic beads. xMAP technology combines this miniaturized liquid array bioassay capability with small lasers, digital signal processors, photo detectors, charge-coupled device imaging and proprietary software to create a system offering advantages in speed, precision, flexibility and cost. 

xMAP technology is currently being used within Arcadia for various research projects, ranging from biomarker discovery and validation in large pre-clinical cohort studies as well as assay development. To facilitate researchers in biomarker discovery and validation, ARCADIA offers a ISO9001 work environment with a wide range of cuttingedge technology platforms suitable for measuring several markers simultaneously in low sample volumes such as OLINK (Targeted Proteomics) and multiplex assay platform like MSD Discovery, Ella and Luminex.


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