MSD multi-array technology

MSD multi-array technology



MSD multi-array technology

Single and multiplex analysis utilizing ultra-sensitive electrochemiluminescence technology.

As CRO partner for Meso Scale Diagnostics we provide services for immunogenicity testing, multiplexed biomarker analysis, and custom assay development. The MSD technology enables the detection of biomarkers in single and multiplex formats utilizing ultra-sensitive electrochemiluminescence detection. A wide product line include many single and multiplex assay kits for profiling biomarkers, cell signaling pathways and other applications. In addition the open platform format allows for custom assay development. 

Increasingly, studies have shown that many biomarker levels are actually lower than previously thought, we are excited to be able to offer you the new S-plex format assays that can offer you unmatched ultrasensitive biomarker detection spanning the fg/mL range. This will open applications for: biomarkers that are believed to be present, but are not measurable; biomarkers that are known, but below detectable limits at native levels; small changes in biomarkers related to disease progression.


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