UPOD (Utrecht Patient Oriented Database) is a research database established in 2005, containing electronic patient records of patients treated at UMC Utrecht and recorded during their care.

This database is constantly updated in real-time, meaning that specific data is automatically stored on a daily basis. UPOD includes demographic patient information, admission data, medication orders prescribed during hospitalization, diagnostic examinations (including laboratory results), and surgical procedures. What makes it unique is the inclusion of a comprehensive hematological database, including raw cell characteristics (FCS files), collected using advanced hematology analyzers used in routine diagnostics at the Central Diagnostic Laboratory. UPOD is a relational database that can be linked to other databases as long as a UMC number is available. Within UPOD, a procedure is employed to handle patient numbers carefully. UPOD will never provide original patient numbers to researchers. UPOD is available for scientific research by anyone within UMC Utrecht.

If you are interested in conducting scientific research using UPOD, please contact us via. The application will be reviewed by the project leaders of UPOD based on this form.

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