ARCADIA is a certified PamGene service provider. With our PamStation Multiplex Kinase platform we offer high-capacity analysis service.

Recently ARCADIA has started as an official and certified PamGene service provider. With our PamStation Multiplex Kinase platform we can offer a high-capacity analysis service revealing the bigger picture of cellular signaling which provides mechanistic insights, needed to fully understand diseases and cell alterations. It opens opportunities for a wide range of rapid and non-invasive applications and is applied in the areas of fundamental science, translational research and diagnostics.

Innovative kinome activity technology

PamGene’s functional kinase assay is activity-based and detects protein kinase activity directly in cellular and tissue lysates, through measuring peptide phosphorylation by protein kinases. PamGene’s technology is used to gain insights into discriminative drug responses, analyzing and optimizing kinase inhibitors and discovery of novel biomarkers, targets and pathways.

PamGene mtulpilex chip technology covers over 380 Kinases.

Kinases that are known or predicted to phosphorylate substrate peptides on the PTK and STK PamChip® are mapped from select databases (HPRD, Kinexus, Phosphosite PLUS, Reactome, Phopho.elm, UniPROT) and projected on the kinome tree.

The technology enables to measure in different sample types and volumes and provides quantifiable, active -and functional kinase results with high throughput, exceptional sensitivity and specificity.


Let Arcadia run your samples

If you choose to send your sample for our experts to run on the PamStation platform, we can assist you with the following:

  1. Design of study and assay set up.
  2. Sample analysis.
  3. Data processing and QC report.
  4. Delivery of results, usually within 4 weeks.

Send your sample

Analysis Service workflow

Please note that the download below was written to describe the PamGene Analysis Service workflow.

Open the workflow

From Substrate phosphorylation to kinases and cellular signaling

click on image to openSubstrate phosphorylation to kinases

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